product Lamp

Germicidal Sterilization Lamp JF 001-20

An effective tool to fight bacteria and viruses. UV-C light emitting lamp thanks to UV-C germicidal tube.

product Disinfection Dispenser #2

Automatic battery operated touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

Activated when users place their hands beneath the dispenser
Liquid alcohol sanitizer
Spray dosing
Made of durable ABS plastic
Single-dose volume of 0,3 ml
(adjustable number of 1 to 3 doses)
900 ml sanitizer inner tank
Power supply – 6 x AA batteries (included)
Stand – included
CE ROHS Certification


product Lamp
Germicidal Sterilization Lamp
JF 001-20
product Disinfection Dispenser
Automatic Disinfection Dispenser
AD 900
product Stand large
Four-arm Stand 1200 mm
4RS 1 200
product Stand small
Four-arm Stand 500 mm
4RS 500

Ozone and its exposure

If you do not ventilate the room, ozone O3 in the room is decomposed to oxygen O2 within one hour. The residuals of undecomposed ozone can be smelled by a strong characteristic aroma, which is known after summer storms and when staying in the sunny mountains mainly in winter. The residual smell in the room disappears after a short time.

Ozone O3 is heavier than air and therefore sinks down the room, disinfecting the objects it hits. It penetrates into fabrics and upholstery, killing the mites this way. Ozone is the most effective disinfectant on a natural basis we know and no waste is generated from it.

By the effect of UV-C lamp only a necessary and insignificant – not dangerous amount of ozone is produced, and with the recommended exposure of the room by ozone O3, there is no risk of any harm to human health. The effect of small doses of ozone is in treatment called Ozone Therapy. It is possible to encounter it also in solariums.

However, microbes and harmful microorganisms no longer survive even with such low levels of ozone exposure. Ozone removes, through its action, among other things, also a number of known unpleasant smells. The effect of ozone O3 on microorganisms is calculated in seconds, it works very quickly and effectively, as soon as the third atom of ozone O3 performs its oxidating duties, it is decomposed to ordinary oxygen O2.


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